October 18

What’s the Difference Between a German and British Kitchen Design?

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Britain and Germany both have a strong and distinct history in manufacturing that are equally world-renowned but draw upon very different priorities and inspirations.

We only have to look at the car industry to see that German engineering is synonymous with attention to detail and a focus on quality and longevity of life. The same can be said of German kitchen designs, which are often advertised as such because of the associated focus on quality.  Of course, there are examples of lower quality items leaving the production line in Germany, but these products are designed to compete with other cheaper products that target a price point, rather than quality.

British designs, in general, tend towards incorporating more traditional aspects interspersed with innovation that creates a sense of familiarity in the design without forgetting that the customer expects designs to move forward with the times. A German design in contrast will often appear to more closely resemble features that would be considered minimalist and subtle.

In both cases, the attention to detail is impeccable with both being known for placing great value on the production process and ensuring what the customer receives is a product that looks and feels like it has been built to last and remain impressive during its long lifetime.

The innovation seen in German designs can be somewhat impressive and awe-inspiring when an
otherwise unused space reveals itself as a useful storage area through the application of smart kitchen
design features.

German vs British Kitchens - Is One “Better” than the Other?

No. It all comes down to preference. In the UK, European minimalism isn’t unusual and in some cases, this can be better implemented to fit your preferences by a British manufacturer. As a trend, wall-mounted units created by German manufacturers tend to hold more weight than their British counterparts but this isn’t always noticeable when the sum total of the plates and bowls being stored only weighs a fraction of what you could possibly store. This example would be reflected in the price, but this may not translate into any additional benefit.

A British design is more likely to be a good fit if you’re looking for a more traditional design. That isn’t to say that there are no traditional German designs, but if you aspire to create a kitchen inspired by rustic cottage kitchen design features, your preferences will naturally take you down a route towards British designs.

As with any kitchen design, be led by your preferences and your lifestyle. Your kitchen should work for you, and not the other way around.

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