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What Should be Behind Closed Kitchen Doors?

Knowing what to have on show and what to put away depends on several things.

How often are you going to use something?

For some people, a hot drink is how they start the day and for others, it’s a post-run smoothie. Choosing to have your coffee machine or blender on show makes perfect sense in these cases but it has to work for you. In the house of an avid baker, stacked cake tins make perfect sense but would look out of place for most of us. The things you use every day need to be at hand and the things you use less frequently, you’ll be happier putting away.

Does it contribute to the kitchen theme?

And does it work amongst the wider aesthetic of the kitchen? A minimalist kitchen design might not be the most accommodating place for that old fashioned apparatus that was gifted to you by your parents and so it may be better kept safely in a drawer. You may even find the need to hide not so obvious kitchen features such as smart technology if your kitchen takes on a more rustic theme.

Does it match other kitchen items and features?

Following on from the previous point, we’re not deciding on every piece individually but rather in the context of the other decisions you make. Matching styles and colours give you the freedom to use open storage ideas and have items on show that collectively add something to the kitchen space.

Overall, the choice is yours but it’s important to think long and hard about where your want to draw the line between aesthetic design choices and practicality. This idea is central to kitchen design.

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