June 7

What Does a “Designer” Kitchen or Bathroom Actually Look Like?

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Our homes become part of who we are and they’re certainly a reflection of our personalities, whether it’s a conscious decision or not. If you walk into your own home, everything from the layout and choice of furniture through to the amount and style of decor in each room is a reflection of the collective people who live there.

Because of this, the concept of a designer kitchen is becoming more and more appealing. Manufacturers who produce high-quality options for kitchens and bathrooms seek a balance between the functionality of designer kitchen or bathroom features and the aesthetics that turn the space into something that looks and feels remarkable.

The ‘designer’ aspect of a kitchen or bathroom doesn’t just come down to aesthetics but also relates to the luxury that’s built into the functionality. An example of this is soft closing doors that add a sense of elegance to the day to day use of a cupboard door or a kitchen sink tap with ergonomics that make all the difference when you’re in the middle of two different tasks.

The Motivation for Choosing Designer Kitchens & Bathrooms

The motivation for choosing a designer kitchen or bathroom often comes from personal pride, but also from the desire to create an impressive space for hosting and entertaining. The kitchen has evolved over the past few decades to become a hybrid space which we discuss in this piece [link to article] and that has created a drive to create a kitchen space in which you can enjoy a pleasant evening entertaining friends but also where children can sit to do homework whilst pots and pans are moving around preparing a meal for the family.

Our bathrooms too have changed their roles in our lives. A hot bath after a long day at work in a space that’s pleasing to the eye and affords you the advantage of luxury design features is likely to be a far more attractive space as you pull your car onto the drive at the end of your commute.

Longevity & Quality 

Designer kitchens and bathrooms aren’t only desirable from practical and aesthetic points of view but the quality of the feature directly increases the longevity and durability of the components used to create your space. Many aspects of kitchens and bathrooms have moving parts and this requires consideration for wear and tear. Quality, luxury-driven manufacturing aims to ensure parts are made with such durability in mind so that the aesthetics are preserved and not lost due to visible wear from use after several years.

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