March 18

How to Utilise a Small Bathroom Space



Trying to fit all the essentials in a small bathroom space can seem like a daunting task. You have to figure out a way to place the toilet and sink in harmony all the while ensuring that you have enough space for a shower. Then, lets not forget about the towels, toilet papers and additional toiletries that need to be stored in the bathroom for daily use. While it may seem challenging, there are ways through which you can maximize the bathroom space you have. Try the following bathroom design tricks to utilize your bathroom space efficiently all the while giving it an aesthetic appeal as well:

1. Install a wall mounted faucet
If you faucet is mounted to a wall, not only does it give a modern look but it also frees up ample space. Additionally, it can also allow you to have narrower sinks. No matter your bathroom design, a wall mounted faucet looks good with everything.

2. Trough sink
If you decide to install a trough sink, you will be freeing up storage space as well a general square footage of the bathroom. They are narrow and sleek looking, just what your bathroom may need.

3. Attach the towel bar to the door
When you decide to fit a towel bar in the shower space, it has to be far enough so that the towel remains dry. If you find that you don’t have ample space, you can just mount the bar to the outside of your shower door. This will ensure easy access and will utilize your space smartly.

4. Don’t put up a shower door
Sometimes, the bathroom may not be large enough to support a shower door; you will need some room to move around, which this sectioning will prevent. Thus, instead of a door try a partial glass partition that will allow for moving space all the while keeping the water inside the shower space.

5. Get a corner sink
Pedestal sinks can often occupy a lot of space; installing a corner sink attached to your wall will look neat all the while giving you more bathroom space to work with.

6. Opt for a floating vanity
A more common bathroom design is the floating vanity. The reason for its popularity is that it looks neat and allows for more storage space. You can have a little shelf underneath for small items like extra towels.

7. Extend the counter
If your sink is placed next to the toilet, you can choose to extend the counter over the toilet. All you will need is a narrow wooden slab. This additional shelf, you can call it, will give you space for the placement of small items and will give your bathroom a modern look as well.

8. Use large scale patterns
If you want to make your bathroom appear larger than it actually is, you might want to opt for a bathroom design that uses large scale patterning. This style has the ability to trick perception and portray your bathroom to be larger.

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