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Aston Designs – How to Design a Small Kitchen

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How to Design a Small Kitchen

Small kitchens come with particular challenges but with design solutions and clever pieces of engineering, it’s never been easier to create fully functional space in a small kitchen area.

Here are five considerations that will make designing a small kitchen easier:

  • Be incredibly organised inside your cupboards

You would be surprised how much space can be saved by being organised. When we have a lot of space to work with, we don’t need to be smart about how we store things but when space is at a premium, there are design solutions that can halve the amount of space you’re using simply by considering the shape and size of what’s being stored.

  • Opt for shelves rather than overhead cupboards

Overhead cupboards take space away from the kitchen whereas shelves allow the room to remain visible wall to

  • Add a movable ‘island’

A kitchen island doesn’t have to be permanent. There are small movable ‘carts’ that can be used to store small items which can be moved around the kitchen to fit the space you need at any given time.

  • Use ‘light’ colours to create a sense of space

The colours you choose will have a significant impact on how large the kitchen feels so opt for lighter colours that will give the feeling that the room is larger than it is.

  • Think vertically

Use the wall space to your advantage. By avoiding cupboards and having items on show, you can preserve the
dimensions of the room without losing the space. A wall-mounted knife rack is a good example of this.

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