5 Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Tiles

Here at Aston Designs, we take pride in being on of the leading bathroom showrooms in Milton Keynes and like to think we’re able to offer our clients a wealth of experience in designing the perfect bathroom. Here are 5 top tips for choosing the perfect bathroom tiles, from where to shop to tile types to style tips and where to look for inspiration.

  1. Cut Out the Middle Man

Tiles are not cheap, especially good quality tiles. Then, to avoid forking out a fortune on getting the best and to avoid sacrificing quality when retiling a bathroom, instead simply cut out the middle man. That is, rather than hitting the high street or bathroom specialist supplier, go straight to a tile manufacturer. This will instantly stretch your budget as the prices on the tiles you choose will of course not feaure the extra mark up added by stores to ensure they make a profit.

The easiest way to do this in 2016 is to buy online as manufacturers can afford to sell smaller quantities of their tiles directly to customers via the internet. Then, and to see for yourself just how much you stand to save by observing this simple tip as well as potentially find your ideal bathroom tiles, head over to the Tile Yard Sale website and online store.

  1. Tiles By Type

Ahead of tile shopping familiarise yourself with the man different types of tiles out there to ensure the ones you buy are the best for your bathroom and also that you are paying a fair price for them. To do this, simply give the Guide to Buying Floor and Wall Tiles featured on the Homebase website a read.

  1. In Case of Accidents…

Tiles get broken. Not only does this happen when laying tiles, but it is almost guaranteed to occur when a person fails to purchase additional tiles to prevent this from slowing or derailing a re-tiling project.

Then, and especially when buying to a budget, always add 5 to 10% more tiles to an order than you require. Not only will this safeguard your project, you can also keep any spare tiles in case one cracks, chips or gets damaged at any point and requires replacing.

  1. Choosing Tiles to Suit a Bathroom

It is best to opt for light, neutral bathroom wall tiles when tiling a smaller bathroom as a bathroom is intended to be a restorative, calming and stress free room within the home and opting for dark, intense or crazy colours and patterns in a smaller space is likely to only make it feel smaller, more cramped and as well make the space look either dark or simply overwhelming when decked out in bright patterns and bold colours.

Meanwhile, in larger family bathrooms tiles are a great way to add style, personality and character, especially as bathrooms are usually and necessarily the least stylised room within a home.

Then, making a statement with the tiles you opt to use is a fantastically clean, clutter free and money saving means of creating the perfect space in which to take a relaxing bath or simply continue the theme and decor flowing throughout the rest of the house.

  1. Do It Yourself

Last but not Least, and not so much a tile buying tip, but a tile laying one: with more and more people are these days learning trade skills such as how to lay tiles to save on the cost of calling in the experts, this is a great tip for those looking to save some money – which can mean having more money to spend on getting the perfect tiles for your bathroom.

Further, with the internet awash with tutorials, tips and guides to learning how to lay tiles, you needn’t these days even pay to attend a tile laying class at your local college to do a good job. Rather, head over to the Self Build website and see if you cannot learn via their free online guide how to lay your own bathroom wall tiles.