5 Reasons To Invest In A Quality Bathroom Suite

Here at Aston Designs, we believe that having worked for your bathroom, your bathroom should work for you. Hence, we work hard to ensure the bathrooms we design and provide do exactly that.

In contrast, buy off the shelf and that is what you can expect to get; something produced for a faceless demographic rather than the individual who is ultimately buying it.

To avoid this eventuality and see what can be achieved when left to an expert design team and fitters, take a look at our online bathroom design gallery or speak with us directly, which you can do via our online contact page.

Meanwhile, for more reasons why investing in a quality bathroom suite is likely to save you money, time and trouble, as well as potentially increase the value of your home, here are just 5 to be aware of before deciding the budget for your new bathroom.

  1. Add Value to Your Property

Because the fixtures, fittings and furnishings placed in a bathroom and required in one are items such as a suite and tiles and as such are permanent, unlike when rethinking a bedroom or lounge, the style, quality and finish you opt for can realistically help to determine the value of your property.

At worst, a poorly opted for and unfashionable bathroom suite can reduce the value of your home and put off would-be buyers. At best, a high quality bathroom suite can raise the value of your home, potentially adding more to its overall value than you spent on the bathroom and having it fitted.

Hence, this is one instance when it quite literally pays to spend a little extra.

  1. Better Design

Unless you are a bathroom expert, replacing your existing bathroom is either likely to mean simply replacing the existing suite and tiles or spending that little extra to have a whole new bathroom designed.

In some instances changing the layout of a bathroom is unnecessary, and of course there is no sense of doing it in such cases. When a bathroom layout is not working for you or your family though, it is far more cost effective to have a design created for you and fitted at the same time as it is to pay separately.

Furthermore, redesigning a bathroom that currently features an outdated fixture such as an old corner bath for example will not only result in creating a contemporary bathroom that suits the rest of your home and your family, but could permit you to add an additional over tub shower, saving you space whilst providing you with both a tub and a shower – which, yet again, could see the value of your home increase as well as the quality of your life.

  1. A Costly Mistake

Cheap and cheerful are often terms used hand in hand. Unfortunately the two can all quickly fall apart along with a bathroom suite described using the terms.

Quite simply, the cheapest bathtubs and shower trays available for purchase in the UK are of course also the cheapest to produce and supply. This means that those who buy them are saving money in the short term on a product that was not necessarily made to last in the long term.

And this couldn’t be more true than in the case of the cheapest acrylic bathtubs and shower trays which in some instances prove so flimsy that they can cause problems from day one, with the most common issues reported being that they flex and creak and that this can result in the seal used to ensure they are fitted securely and watertight breaking or becoming compromised.

Consequently, long before such a tub or shower tray needs replacing due to wear and tear, it may need replacing (costing more money) to negate the need to keep resealing it and to prevent water damage, mould and the potential myriad of issues related to and resulting from a poorly fitted or cheap acrylic suite.

Hence, when it comes to something as important and used as often as a family bathroom, the only way to save money isn’t always to cut corners, but rather to keep the cost of a quality design and suite to a minimum by simply discussing your budget, needs and bathroom with an expert design team.

  1. Safety First

The internet and sites such as Pinterest in particular are awash with images of ‘do it yourself’ home projects. Popular projects include DIY tiling jobs. Whilst giving tiling a go is unlikely to result in any major issues, aside from potentially wasting some home owners a sizeable amount of their time, money and patience if they are relying on online guides to teach them how, DIY plumbing or for that matter anything relating to the electrics within a home is not only a big no no, but here in the UK could involve breaking the law.

Further, and even in instances in which home owners are legally permitted to carry out their own electrical work and plumbing, doing so without being a certified expert could result in your home insurance policy becoming void, which could spell disaster should anything go wrong.

Then, for the safety of your home and family and whilst the internet may make it look all too easy, it is never a sensible idea to try and save money on labour costs when fitting a new suite and / or bathroom yourself – unless you are an expert of course.

  1. Extra Touches and Achieving the Perfect Finish

When a home owner turns to an expert bathroom design and fitting company it isn’t just the best quality suite, tiles, tiling, fixtures, fittings and service they are choosing or can expect to receive; an expert designer or design team will also be able to offer practical advice on how to make the most of their space, not only (as aforementioned) when it comes to layout, but as well when it comes to adding special touches that can perfectly finish a suite and turn function into luxury.

Further, and finally, because the service is personalised, this ensures that clients end up with a bathroom that works perfectly for them and only contains what they need and desire to best enjoy and most easily use their bathroom. Hence, when it comes to bathrooms the best advice really is to set a realistic budget and always trust the experts, at least if you want your dream bathroom to be realised rather than simply turning into a nightmare in time to come.